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How to Pour, Store and Pair Champagne

To be sure, champagne is the beverage of choice during the holidays, but do you know at what temperature it should be served? How should it be stored? What is the difference between vintage and non-vintage Champagne? Veuve Clicquot, the esteemed French winemaker, answers these questions and more.
What is the difference between a vintage and a non-vintage Champagne?By law in Champagne, France, you cannot display a year on the label of a bottle unless all the grapes which make up the Champagne in the bottle have been sources from one single harvest, in one single year. This is known as a vintage. Wine connoisseurs seek vintage champagnes; non-vintage blends are not as attractive and should never go for more than 10% over the regular current price, according to Veuve Clicquot.
Why buy a magnum?Magnums, which are twice the size of a regular bottle (750 ml), are optimal for aging wine: during the aging process, the wine is "breathing" even through the cork. Best vintagesAccording to Veuve Clicquot, the best vintages in Champagne since the turn of the 20th century, include the following years (from most recent to oldest); 1998, 1996, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1985, 1979, 1976, 1969, 1969, 1955, 1949, 1947, 1943, 1934, 1929, 1921, 1918, and 1904.Pouring temperatureThe pouring temperature of Champagne will vary depending on the kind you will be serving. Young non-vintage champagne, with no year on the label, should be poured around 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit). Mature wines, on the other hand, such as vintage Champagne, should be poured between 12 to 14 degrees Celsius (54 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit). Pairing Champagne with foodWhat can Champagne be served along with? Champagne goes well with pasta salads, sea food, oysters, shrimps, light fishes and antipasti. It also goes well with a cheese course as well as with many desserts.
How long can you keep Champagne?Veuve Clicquot says non-vintage champagne should be enjoyed upon release, but may be stored for up to two or three years. Vintage Champagne can age longer; from 10 to 25 years depending on the style of each vintage.
How to store ChampagneVeuve Clicquot recommends Champagne be stored in the same manner as any regular fine wine. It should be kept at a cool and continuous temperature, which is ideally 10 to 12 degrees Celsius (50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit) or at most between 7 to 15 degrees Celsius (45 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). In addition, Veuve Clicquot recommends a high humidity (over 75%), good ventilation and darkness to create the best conditions.What is the best way to open a bottle of Champagne?Remove the foil and the wire cage. Next, slowly twist the cork back and forth about a quarter of an inch, while allowing the pressure inside the bottle to force it up. Do not pull the cork out of the bottle; it should be gently released.
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This is all you need???

You've made it to your suite in Via Reggio, she'll be here soon, and things are looking good: the champagne from Champagne has been chilled, the chef you flew in from Marbella is warming the first course, the Milanese alto is downstairs right now preparing to serenade, everything's here. Everything except those Australian frangipanis for the bath later on. They haven't arrived, and it's a little late to find flowers in this seaside town. Unless, that is, you have an Xperia Pureness handset and the Xperia Concierge service it comes with. Probably better thought of as a glass-and-black-plastic design statement than a phone, the Pureness touts itself almost as an anti-phone that focuses on "talk, text, time - a holiday from technology." Still, it's no counterculture brick: the display on that transparent glass screen has controls for web browsing, e-mail, and a media player.And, yes, a concierge, part of a package of Xperia services. If your phone stops working during one of your frequent jet-sets, they'll send you another one within 48 hours. And your 24-hour-a-day assistant will get you a table, a membership, a seat, or a booth by the dance floor in a host of cities around the world. As long as it is a lifestyle request both "legal and moral" -- that probably includes flowers -- it will be carried out by the Xperia Concierge team. The phone is £530 ($860 U.S.), the concierge service is free for the first 12 months, and those frangipanis your Man Friday was able to arrange, well, you can't put a price on the perfect Tuscan evening...
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Cadillac To Reveal New Flagship and CTS-V coupe at Detroit

Next month at the Detroit Auto Show, Cadillac will be showing off two new cars, a high performance coupe and a new flagship. The new CTS-V coupe is the only publicly confirmed for production. The standard V6 powered CTS coupe debuted earlier this month at the LA Auto Show and the V adds the fabulous 556 hp supercharged V8 from the CTS-V sedan. The second car which is billed as a concept for now will likely become a production reality in 2011. Cadillac showed the flagship concept dubbed XTS to media last August after GM emerged from bankruptcy. The teaser photo above provides a look at the front corner. The rest of the car is inspired by the Sixteen concept of several years ago. The hood of the XTS is much shorter than the Sixteen which is concieved around a proposed new V16 engine. GM has not said what engine will be in the XTS although a turbocharged and direct injected V6 is much more likely given current economic realities. The XTS is expected to sport all wheel drive. [Source: Cadillac]
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Miu Miu Python Boots


Miu Miu Python Boots
by Marsha Reid (RSS feed) — Dec 24th 2009 10:01AM
Typically boots are made to keep you warm and protect you from the elements. But as we've been seeing, many boots have transformed into booties with pep toe accents and various cut outs resulting in a resemblance to high heeled sandals rather than boots. We are definitely not complaining and enjoy the many unique roads that fashion seems to take all of us on, but sometimes we come across a piece that makes us stop and wonder what was the inspiration? Take for example these knee high boots by Miu Miu. There is no shortage of details here with an adornment of Swarovski crystals on the heel, cutouts along the entire boot, a cream colored toe with purple & silver accents that make it seem as though a snake is emerging from your toes. And this is all against multicolored python. It is certainly an interesting interpretation on all the trends we have seen in recent years. Whether or not these are wearable is a different issue. Price: $1720.
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Customized Rolex Watches With Black DLC

The used Rolex watch market is robust and maybe even a bit crowded. Why? Because pre-owned Rolex watches are big business given the fact that Rolex watches have such an incredible ability to retain value. Still, it is sometimes hard to justify buying an older model when new models exist. One good way to breathe life into older, good condition Rolex watches is to modify or customize them. That way you aren't one of legions of people who have the exact same Rolex watch. Rolex modification is a growing segment in the watch market with retailers offering everything from brand new Rolex watches that have been modified, to performing such modifications on used models. Many of these modifications have been around for years. Often involving the addition of extra gold or precious jewels such as diamonds to the watch. Recently such modifications have taken a less "blingy" route to offering modified Rolex models that have altered colors and materials. Opinions vary as to the desirability of modified Rolex watches - the same way people argue against the modification of luxury cars. Keep the Mercedes Benz stock, or take it to Brabus for a hot horsepower injection?Of the most popular trends in Rolex watch modding is the "all black look." Never has there been a factory black Rolex watch (to my knowledge). Thus, the market has met (assumed) demand and offering everything from high priced new Rolex watches with all sorts of black colored modifications, to doing the same to pre-owned Rolex watches. The latter being a better value than the highly limited new modified Rolex watches that are tough to get by all (except a host of celebrities who are gobbling up customized Rolex watches fast enough to make you think Rolex is suddenly shifting to making wallpaper). Producers of new stock Rolex watches can charge double or more than retail for the timepieces. Modified Rolex watches (new or used) are only as good as the work put into them. The process is harder than it seems. So look carefully, and know what you are looking for. The most popular forms of black color treatment are either PVD or DLC coatings (the latter being more modern, but not as well refined in all instances as the much more common PVD treatment) Time and Gems, an outfit located in Los Angeles offers a host of modified or otherwise custom altered Rolex watches. Time and Gems is not an authorized Rolex dealer, but instead specializes in the sale of used Rolex timepieces. They have recently got into the modded Rolex game and offer up a growing selection of DLC (and PVD) black Rolex Submariners, Sea-Dwellers, GMT Masters, Explorers, Milgausses, and more. The image above is of a Time and Gems DLC black Rolex Submariner watch (priced at $6,500). While modified pre-owned Rolex watches cost more than unmodified Rolex watches, they are arguably more interesting, and clearly involve a good deal of work. You can see black DLC Rolex watches from Time and Gems here. Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch review site

Pharos Marine Designs Hydrogen- and Diesel-Electric Orcageno Superyacht

What a Gift for The Billionaire who needs one?

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xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext


We here at YOUR DAY OFF
Just have to find this PURSE.

Gucci has been nominated for the Luxist Awards in the category of Best Leathergoods Line, in addition to a nomination for Best Clothing Designer. Started by one man, Guccio Gucci, in Florence Italy in 1921 it was originally just a small leather goods and luggage shop that combined the master craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans with the refinement of English nobility. Gucci drew from his experience working in London's Savoy Hotel to grow his label that featured bags, trunks, gloves, shoes, and belts. The shop quickly began to attract sophisticated buyers from around Europe and the world.In the 1940s Gucci got creative when faced with a shortage of standard materials and came up with the iconic 'Bamboo Bag', which is still available today. Then in the 1950s the brand famous 'green-red-green' web was created, and in the 1960s Jackie Kennedy carried the Gucci shoulder bag and inspired the 'Jackie O' name the bag carries today. The brand continued to grow and prosper over the years, becoming a global force of tradition and innovation in luxury goods. In 1995 Gucci became a fully public company, which enabled it to reach even higher heights of success -- including being named 'the most desirable luxury brand in the world' in 2007. Want to learn even more about the history of this iconic luxury label? A special limited edition Gucci by Gucci is available at Gucci boutiques and offers a 450 page in-depth look into the brand's beginnings and its growth through the years, including previously unpublished product and celebrity photographs.Cast your vote for the Readers' Choice Awards at

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Gucci: Nobility Inspired Italian Craftsmanship

Gucci: Nobility Inspired Italian Craftsmanship

Sears Discounts Jewelry For Holiday Season

Sears may not be the place you think of for fine jewelry but when it comes to deep discounts the popular brand is making sure it can't be beat. Sears has pared 40 to 60 percent off many of their items including diamond earrings and bracelets. The company has sent out a catalog, which is also available in an online form, that focuses on jewelry featurng 242 items available at deep discounts. Will this year be a jewelry holiday? Last year was an annus horribilis for the jewelry industry and everyone from the high-end couture brands to the department store chains was stuck with a lot of inventory and forced to make deep discounts. For jewelry brands the combination of year-end holiday pressure and frantic male shoppers is typically a win and so many brands are making the big push now hoping for a last minute boost. While Sears isn't where you might normally consider doing jewelry shopping they can be a great resources for simple pieces like gold hoops or stud earrings.[via BNET]
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Tips for Tipping

It is unfortunate that holiday tipping causes so many people anxiety. We all want to be generous but need help figuring out who to tip and how much or what to give.The golden rule seems to be that cash is king. That being said, a small gift demonstrating that you know people's likes and dislikes is a nice touch, usually best appreciated when given in addition to cash inside a card. Don't give liquor or chocolates unless you know it is a favorite item of the recipient. If you don't like to give cash there are now gift cards for everything under the sun including, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, gas stations, local restaurants, town parking meters and more.There are people like your nanny, housekeeper, driver or dog walker that you may depend on everyday. In this instance a holiday tip more closely resembles a corporate bonus. Depending on their length of service, cash or a gift equal to one or two weeks of salary is the minimum and can be significantly more if they are a long term employee.
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Edmond Swiss Watches

Newer brand on the block is Edmond watches, not yet widely in the US but are available. The Swiss watch brand looks like a futuristic cousin of Panerai, and mostly shares their dimensions by having nicely sized 44mm wide steel watch cases that are also available with black or gold PVD finishes. The complex construction of the cases lend themselves well to the overall style of the brand - making for good looking masculine watches that display that sense of Swiss watch design refinement hard to find in the rest of the world. There are a number of models, but each currently shares the signature case design. It also has a special "Lock-ED" lever over the clasp to secure it similar to what you find in Panerai. With the lever locked the watches have 200 meters of water resistance. Crystals on the top and rear of the watch are sapphire. The pictured model is the Cap Horn in gold PVD and a technical looking, though pleasurable to read face. The bezel is in black PVD with goldtone screws. The overall feel of the watch is a sporty delight that is created by the cohesive rugged character of the watch that seems to borrow from a number of popular watch designs out there (while still being extremely unique in its own right). Movements in the watches are Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatics. Edmond watches are a cool newcomer that certainly deserve some wrist time. The pictured watch is priced reasonably at about $1,900. Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch review site
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Demonia Men's ATTACK-10, Men's Mid Calf Boot

Demonia Men's ATTACK-10, Men's Mid Calf Boot

This book is Unique,

I am a Black Male and we traditionally dont go for this look, but like I have said before things have changed.

Thank you DEMONIA

Alpha Industries Wool Duffle

Alpha Industries Wool Duffle

We all love camel.

I am hanging my love for animal items,but it is a very nice coat indeed,but as for me, time has brought upon a change.

Discover What's Next

Discover What's Next

Here are some sweet products I discovered at ThisNext. Check them out!

Polo by Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Grooming Collection

Polo by Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Grooming Collection

Ralph Lauren,

The Godfather of fashion.

You want this one,just for the name alone, the scent is fabulous, but come one,its Ralph Lauren.

Beautiful Cashmere Overcoat

Beautiful Cashmere Overcoat

Who does not like Cashmere.

Here it is, This is a bad coat as in good,ok.

Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Patent Tote

Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Patent Tote

This bag is just a great piece of work.

A work of art.

You ladies have to get this one.

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xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

Look at this, something for :

The man = Golf Clubs
The woman = Purses
The woman = Romance Novels
The woman = Box of Gifts
The Family = Netbooks for all
The woman and man = Something Kinky
The mans wallet to pay for it all.

Smile everyone,thisnext has something for everyone.

Kobe and LaBron Muppets

This is a great campaign.
Congratulations Kobe.


THis is a great and funny commercial.

Yes, us businessmen are Great Sports Fans.

I love this comercial , funny, wholesome, hip and true.

Kobe Bryant- "FEAR LA" (Commercial) HD


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xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

Hello all,

I am back, I have been very very very very busy as of late,but I have not forgotten about all of you.

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The Oakland The World Does not See

The Headlines do not tell you about the other Oakland
Oakland has a Wealthy Community also.
Give us a call at 510-288-8512
We can guide you through this Great Diverse City

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The Legacy of Reginald F. Lewis
Reginald F. Lewis, an entrepreneurial virtuoso, brilliant financier and business manager, left a roster of accomplishments that would compare to those of any great man in history. Talented, shrewd and generous to a fault, Mr. Lewis remains a shining example of what can be achieved if one works hard enough no matter the obstacles placed in one's path. His legend is cemented in his hometown of Baltimore through the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, but his legacy reaches farther and wider than that which can be contained in a brick and mortar structure.

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, reported about $2.7 million in income for 2008, mainly from book sales. The first couple paid about $855,000 in federal income taxes.
Their income declined from 2007, when the Obamas reported about $4.1 million, again mostly from books, and paid about $1.4 million in taxes.
"The president sold a lot of books last year, no doubt, and paid a hefty amount in federal income tax," press secretary Robert Gibbs said Wednesday. The first family's effective tax rate was around 31%, down from the 33.7% rate they paid in 2007.

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xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

xman16trs' recommendations at ThisNext

Easter is definitely here, Spring is in teh air ladies.

Just destress and shop responsibly.

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